Plymouth’s Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt told the Board of Public Works and Safety this week, that they are experiencing trouble with some of the city’s traffic lights.


One of the lights he is concerned with is the traffic lights at South Michigan Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Marquardt said, “The controller down at Penguin Point goes into flash mode when it tends to get warm out.”


Marquardt told members of the Board of Work that many of the controllers for the traffic lights are so old you can’t get parts for them.  He budgeted $75,000 in the city’s Power and Light budget this year to work on controllers and the traffic light systems.


The street superintendent would like to prioritize the various intersection that need to be addressed and begin working on them.   The traffic lights a Penguin Point would top his list and the second intersection would be at Hoham Drive and Michigan Street. Cable wires on the pole are broke and the controller needs to be replaced along with sensors in the road.  Marquardt also listed the light at Lincolnway East and East Jefferson Street on his priority list.


The board approved Marquardt’s request to begin working with Michiana Contracting to receive quotes on the projects.