WTCA has a variety of contests throughout the day to share prizes with our loyal listeners. However, we want to be fair to everyone and spread the joy around. In order to do this, we ask that you limit the number of contests that you participate in. If you’ve won a prize in the last 30 days, please do not call the station and try to win another prize. Give someone else a chance. If you’ve won Hoosier Lottery tickets, we ask that you do not call again for another contest for 60 days.

When we’re running a contest, we’ll ask for a specific caller. That caller will have a chance to win the prize. The caller will call the station at 574-936-4096 and may be asked to go live on the air. You may pick up the prize at the radio station located at 112 West Washington Street in Plymouth, Indiana if you’re the winner.

Once we select a winner, you will have two weeks to pick up the prize (sometimes less if the prize is for an upcoming event). If you fail to collect your prize within the allotted time frame, we may be forced to give it away to someone else!