WTCA broadcasts simultaneously on FM 106.1 and AM 1050 in Plymouth, Indiana. The radio station delivers quality content to listeners in Marshall County and surrounding areas. We’ve been continuously broadcasting from Plymouth for nearly six decades. WTCA is your Hometown Radio Station!

WTCA is dedicated to bringing the best local news, local sports, community information, and music to our listeners.

Local News

WTCA is your source for local news! Our local news coverage is comprehensive and extensive. We cover a wide variety of local topics impacting you. You can listen to our local news broadcast throughout the morning, at noon, and during your drive home. For the best local news coverage, visit our Facebook page, which links to the news articles here on our website.

Our Shows

WTCA has a number of public interest programs throughout the week. During the weekdays, make sure you tune into the popular “What’s Your Opinion?” show, to get the latest news and happenings around Marshall County. This live call-in show has been a mainstay of Plymouth’s broadcasting history for decades.

Hits & More

WTCA plays a mix of classic and contemporary music. We play an upbeat variety of the best music that appeals to a wide audience.

Station History

WTCA was founded by Kenneth E. Kunze. In 1963, he was granted a license from the FCC to operate WTCA-AM 1050. When WTCA had its beginning, all productions were broadcast from its transmitter site on Muckshaw Road in Plymouth with a business office on Water Street. In 1965, the broadcasting operation was moved to the Water Street location in order to accommodate an ever-growing listening audience. The station prospered from the start due to the community’s support. In 1966, the radio station moved into the old Plymouth Dairy located at 112 West Washington Street in Plymouth. The building was renovated into a broadcasting studio and remains the base of operations for WTCA.

In the early days, Ken’s wife Jeanne Kunze broadcast a live public interest program each day called This and That. Their daughter, Kathy Bottorff, continues that tradition with the station’s daily talk show, “What’s Your Opinion?” Sadly, Jeanne passed away in 1996 and Ken passed away in 2020. 

The station has since expanded to include FM radio broadcasting in addition to their AM radio operations. WTCA is still operating daily radio programs from the AM transmitter site on Muckshaw Road and FM transmitter site at their Washington Street office in downtown Plymouth. WTCA proudly provides services to the local communities with unique programming, local news, hit music, and other features geared towards the communities of Marshall County.