Riverside Intermediate_RileyDM2017Close to a dozen Plymouth High School Students who are involved with organizing this year’s Plymouth High School Dance Marathon spent the day at Riverside Intermediate School hosting a first ever PHS Mini Dance Marathon.

More than 300 Riverside students took part and danced the day away, all while raising money for Riley Hospital for Children. Student participants have been collecting donations for the past few weeks and Friday the donations were tallied to bring the grand total Riverside raised to 6,720!

Riverside’s donations will be added to the grand total donations raised at the Plymouth High School Dance Marathon.

Plymouth High School students who took part in the Riverside Mini Dance Marathon today are listed below:


Lauren Kolter

Hannah Puckett

Emme Listenberger

Emma Frantz

Ryan Carmichael

Matt Risner

Hanna Hopple

Kenzie Quissell

Kelsey Owen

Travis Owen