07/11/12 The Town of Bourbon has recently completed an infrastructure project that has replaced their main sanitary lift station with a new lift station and screening unit.  The new lift station has three (3) new lift pumps, a new pump vault, and a new control valve vault.

The lead and lag pumps are 14 hp. each, with a capacity of 250 gallons per minute.  These two (2) pumps alternate as the need requires, working every day moving the waste stream to the Town’s lagoon treatment facility.  The third pump is a storm pump of 69 hp. and a capacity of 1500 gallons per minute.  This pump only starts during extreme waste stream flows such as a severe rain storm event.  It is important that these pumps are able to operate under emergency conditions, such as a power outage.

The facility is equipped with a new electrical generator and transfer switch.  In case of a power outage, the facility’s electrical power demands will be switched over to the new electrical generator.  The new facility also includes a screening unit that removes fine and coarse materials from the waste stream.  This process is upstream of the lift pumps and will prevent solid material from damaging pumps and reducing pump wear.  The removal of solid material at this point in the waste stream will also reduce the amount of solids that enter the Town’s treatment facility.

The new facility will require less labor to operate and maintain and will provide sustainable operation for years to come.  The construction costs were $690,449.  The cost was primarily paid for by a grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, with the balance paid by the Town of Bourbon.