Indiana Grown worked with the Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics to determine the economic impact and growth of the Indiana Grown program through a collaborative, science-driven approach. The study showed that every dollar spent via Indiana Grown activities resulted in $0.97 in additional economic activity within Indiana. 

“The economic impact study conducted by Purdue shows how valuable Indiana Grown is to the state,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, who also serves as Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “I am grateful to show our Indiana Grown members that their hard work and dedication to the program is paying off.”

Consumer survey results showed that over 33% of Hoosier’s have awareness and perceptions of the Indiana Grown program and label. For Indiana Grown members, the survey found that the value of the program to their business is equivalent to approximately $13,600. 

“This data is crucial for us to grow the program and address the needs of both our Indiana Grown members and consumers,” said Caroline Patrick, director of Indiana Grown. “I am excited to use this study to propel the program forward and look forward to many years of continued economic growth for local products and businesses.” 

To determine this data the Purdue team distributed a state-wide questionnaire to Hoosiers to detect consumers awareness, quantified consumer willingness to pay for locally made or grown products and surveyed Indiana Grown members to determine the drivers and benefits of being a member of the program. 

For the economic contributions of the Indiana Grown program, the data showed that the total economic footprint of the Indiana Grown program was $13.91 million as of 2020. 

“This project was a great example of the partnership between ISDA, Purdue’s Department of Agricultural Economics, and Purdue Extension Community Development,” said Dr. Michael Wilcox, Community and Regional Economics specialist with the Department of Agricultural Economics for Purdue University. “We set out to explore the impact and potential of Indiana Grown from the perspective of consumers, producers (the Indiana Grown members), and the Indiana economy in a rigorous and defensible way. This unique study helps ISDA and Indiana Grown make data-driven decisions about how to continue best supporting Indiana agricultural product branding, and local agri-entrepreneurs that provide value-added agricultural products to consumers in Indiana and beyond.”

For Indiana Grown producers, the survey found that members are satisfied with their membership and would recommend the program to others. Additionally, member respondents enjoyed the promotional and marketing events and would like to see more events in 2023. According to the data, most Indiana Grown members joined the program in 2018, particularly in the proteins, livestock, horticulture, grains and oil operations. Likewise, 2020 was the year with the second-highest number of producers enrolled in Indiana Grown, those categories of new members were horticulture, grains, oils, proteins, livestock, wholesale and retail.  

“As an Indiana Grown member, the data collected in the study is so valuable in knowing that this program truly enhances my business and sales,” said Rachel Boyer, owner of Rachel’s Taste of Indiana in Converse. “I love encouraging consumers to shop local and I am passionate about the Indiana Grown program. I was thrilled to see this study come to life and see that what we thought all along, that consumers enjoy shopping local, really is true.”

This data was collected from September 2019 to September 2022 and was funded for nearly through the USDA’s Federal State Marketing Improvement Program. To view the full study, click here

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