Marianne Peters, Director of Marshall County Solid Waste Management presented the Board of Directors with a proposed increase to the fee schedule.

She told the board, households and non-profits basically can recycle at the depot for free although there are some charges for businesses. Peters said, “I just want to make sure we are being consistent for businesses.  For instance, businesses don’t pay anything for electronics, but they do pay for universal waste and light bulbs.  They do pay for tires, but they don’t pay for batteries.”

Board member Mike Burroughs asked if she had done a comparison with other facilities and Peters said she has and they are all over the place because they are all funded in different ways. 

Peters explained the charge for light bulbs because the Depot must pay to get rid of them.  For the electronics, it is mostly television and right now they don’t charge for the service, although some people expect to pay or are willing to make a donation to get rid of that old or broken TV. Solid Waste is currently being charged $.25 a pound to get rid of them. 

It was suggested that the Depot put on a pass-through charge to their customers to recycle the material.    The board recommended passing on the cost to the customer for all materials. 

Peters will work on recommendations for increases to some recycling materials and present a draft of those at their January meeting.