Tuesday evening, Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter read a proclamation declaring Thursday, November 17th Children’s Grief Awareness Day in the City of Plymouth.

The proclamation was part of an event hosted by Dustin’s Place at the REES Theatre. 

Dustin’s Place provides free grief support for children ages 4 through 18 years of age as well as adults.  Their mission is to support children and families through connection and the sharing of their grief journey after the death of a loved one.  They believe that no one should grieve alone.

Dustin’s Place is a safe space for children and families to grieve after the death of a loved one.  In addition to their on-site grief support groups, they provide community grief support groups for children throughout Marshall County.  They are also committed to bringing awareness to children’s grief through education, professional development, and community events.

Tuesday evening Andy McNiel, author and bereavement specialist spoke and presented during the free event.

The proclamation Mayor Senter read follows:

WHEREAS,    One in twelve Hoosier children will experience the death of a parent or sibling before their 18th birthday; and

WHEREAS,    Many children feel misunderstood in the wake of loss, thinking that their grief is invisible to those around them; and

WHEREAS,      All bereaved children need advocates, supporting them as they re-enter and navigate a world without their person; and

WHEREAS,      Effective grief support can help mitigate against possible negative outcomes and dangerous or disruptive coping mechanisms; and

WHEREAS,      Recognizing this day serves to build a foundation of support for grieving children, strengthens a national community of bereaved individuals, supports service organizations and community members; and

WHEREAS,      Our community is committed to supporting one another, working to cultivate awareness of childhood grief and ensure no child grieves alone; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Senter, Mayor of the City of Plymouth on behalf of the City Council and the Citizens do hereby congratulate you and proudly proclaim the day of November 17, 2022, as CHILDREN’S GRIEF AWARENESS DAY in the City of Plymouth, and throughout Marshall County.  May DUSTIN’S PLACE continue to grow and enrich our community and its children.

Mark Senter, Mayor

 City of Plymouth