The tragedy of losing a son who was a worker on and near roads led Jo Fisher of Plymouth to get the State of Indiana to change Work Zone Awareness Week to a month-long awareness campaign.

In 2019, Benjamin Fisher was killed while replacing utility poles on State Road 13 in Syracuse. After his death, his family created the Benjamin Fisher Memorial Foundation.

Ms. Fisher has contacted all the mayors in Indiana seeking their support to extend the awareness campaign from a week to a full month.  On Monday the Marshall County Commissioners passed a proclamation urging the governor to make the campaign the whole month of April. 

Mayor Robert Listenberger also read a proclamation that promotes responsible driving behaviors that include slowing down, following speed limits, and avoiding distracted driving.

April 15 begins National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, but Mayor Listenberger has dedicated the entire month of April to Work Zone Safety Awareness.  His proclamation said the City of Plymouth recognizes that the safety of workers along all Indiana’s roadways is paramount as they ensure the resiliency of our communities through the construction, improvement, and maintenance of our transportation system.

The proclamation says Mayor Listenberger is supportive of the Benjamine J.W. Fisher Memorial Foundation in support of the initiative to expand Work Zone Awareness to the full month of April.

The proclamation says Indiana crews work in and around live traffic at all times of the day making an emphasis on safety even more important and recognizes drivers should use extra caution in Work Zones, adhere to the posted Work Zone speed limit, remove all distractions that hinder safe driving, and

The City of Plymouth joins and believes Work Zone Awareness Month is an opportunity to encourage motorists to drive with extra caution in Work Zones.