As Veterans Day approaches, counties across the country are sharing plans to participate in Operation Green Light for Veterans. The initiative aims to shine a light on the issues veterans and their families face, as well as the important resources available for veterans at the county level. Marshall County is showing appreciation for veterans by having the courthouse veiled in green this week. 

The National Association of Counties (NACo) contacted David Bottorff at the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) about Operation Green Light for Veterans and County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said during Monday’s meeting that counties across the state have been asked to participate in the program.  He said the lights shining on the Marshall County Courthouse have been changed to green and will be shining on the courthouse all week in remembrance of all the county’s veterans.   

Commissioner Overmyer also recognized 101-year-old Jim DeWitt from Culver who passed away on October 30th.  Jim was a World War II veteran and was on a ship heading into Pearl Harbor the morning the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  Overmyer said, “I just wanted to recognize him for his service.”