Many of the Vote Centers in Marshall County reported being very busy during Tuesday’s election. 

Marshall County has 29,743 registered voters and 12,933 voted with 8,832 voting on Tuesday.  That is a 43.48% voter turnout.  Four years ago, voter turnout was 53.37%.  The election summary report also shows that 4,826 Republicans voted a straight party ticket, and 959 Democrats also voted a straight ticket.  There was also 1 Libertarian who voted a straight ticket. That does show that 7,147 voters split their ballots.

Looking at the unofficial results of county races you will see the Republicans were extremely successful.  The race for County Clerk was split 74.97% or 9491 votes for the Republican Jenny Bennitt and 25.03% or 3,169 voters for the Democrat Bobbi Reinhold. 

The race for sheriff also had a huge separation with Republican incumbent Matt Hassel receiving 66.47% of the votes or 8,473 and his Democratic challenger Jeff Sharp with 33.53% or 4,274 votes.

The Republican incumbent for County Commissioner in District 1, Stan Klotz won with just over 70% or 8,901 votes to his challenger, Democrat Jason Haines who received 3,724 votes.

The County Council will remain all Republican with Will Patterson in District 1 not being challenged and receiving 2,547 votes.  In District 2 Republican Deborah Johnson received 2,774 votes and Democrat Tammy Shaffer received 1,094 votes.  County Council District 3 saw Republican Nicole Cox win with 71.96% or 2,572 votes to her Democratic challenger Mark Gidley who gathered 1,002 votes.  The County Council District 4 seat will be filled with Republican Adam Faulstich next year.  He received 1,468 votes and his challenger Democrat Dustin Schafer took 732 votes the Libertarian candidate Ty Shivley had 119 votes. 

State Representative in District 7 saw Republican Jake Teshka with 353 votes and his Democrat challenger Ross Deal with 99 votes. The State Representative in District 17 was won by Republican incumbent Jack Jordan with 9,052 votes and his Democrat challenger Jim White with 3,199 votes. 

On the school board races, there are only a couple to report.  For the Plymouth Community School Board in District 1 – Center Stacey Patrick received 2,565 votes and Naomi Podlesak had 1,194 votes.  In District 3 – Plymouth, Robin Cupka received 2,715 votes and Dalton Tinkleberg had 1,039 votes.

The only race for Triton School Board was in District 1 – Tippecanoe Township with incumbent Teresa Barnhart with 789 votes and Robert Grigsby with 197 votes.   

The John Glenn School Board race in Polk Township had three candidates for one seat.  Todd McGaughey received the most votes at 281.  Tyler Duff gathered 277 votes and Megan Lawler had 236 votes.