The City of Plymouth, with the assistance of the Complete Streets Committee, has implemented temporary bump-outs on the four corners of the Michigan and Garro intersection in the middle of downtown Plymouth to provide a safe place for pedestrians to cross. 

There is a survey that’s been created to receive input from residents on how effective the temporary bump-outs are during this pilot demonstration. 

The survey is a couple of quick questions and will only take about 3 minutes to complete.  It asks participants to tell the committee about yourself, such as, do you live close to the demonstration area, do you live in Plymouth, do you work in the city but live outside of the city, or are you a visitor?   

How often do you walk across some portion of the Michigan and Garro Street intersection?

The survey asks the participant’s opinion on the temporary bump-outs: How satisfied are you with them? How effective are the bump-outs? How often would you choose a different driving route due to the bump-outs?

The QR survey goes on to ask, “After implementation of the bump-outs, I feel….” check all that apply:  Crossing Michigan and Garro is safer for pedestrians.  It is more comfortable crossing the street.  Vehicle speed reduced.  Car/pedestrian accidents are less likely.   Driving is safer for motorists. The bump-outs improve the street. This measure should be implemented permanently.  

The survey then asks for the participant’s “General Thoughts and Comments”, is it positive, negative, or neutral?

Instead of commenting on Facebook posts about the temporary bump-outs or calling the Mayor’s Office, folks are urged to take the QR survey so that information and comments can be tracked.  There are signs at the intersection with the QR survey code on them. Open the camera on your phone, hold it over the QR code and the survey link will appear. Click the link and take the survey.