Plymouth’s Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson gave members of the Board of Public Works and Safety an update on several projects. 

The solar project at the wastewater treatment plant on Oakhill Avenue is scheduled for construction to begin on Monday, October 24th.   Davidson said they are still working with NRCS on the ground-cover options.  He said he is currently leaning toward pollinators.

Davidson also said they are still eligible for a 30% rebate on the entire project including the engineering.  He estimated that amount to be about $350,000.  Davidson said it does require them to not begin start up until after January 1st

The second project is the new test well at the Ledyard Plant.  The existing well is very high in manganese.  He said the cost to remove the manganese is extremely expensive.   The new test well will be deeper but must be able to offer 1,000 gallons of water per minute. It will be drilled yet this month.

The final project is the cleaning inspection of the west water tower out by the Coke plant.  The project will start the second week of November and will be out of service for about 5-days.

They will remove the various debris that has accumulated inside the tower and inspect for structural stability on the inside and outside.  After that, a list will be created of needed improvements.  The tower is scheduled to be repainted in 2025 and this work will give the city an idea of what that cost will be.