Last week members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission were updated on the Wastewater Solar Project by Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson. 

This is a $1,017,792 project to place solar panels in the field directly to the east of the facility on Oakhill Avenue.  Solar Energy Systems from Nappanee is the contractor, and the project will provide the treatment plant with electrical energy for daily operations. 

Davidson said the contract is in process and he requested a construction schedule.  He was told the current project at Washington Discovery Academy will be another week or two and then they will start on the city’s project.  Davidson also commented that at this point in the project they haven’t heard of any material shortage which is good news. 

Currently, the Utility Superintendent is working with National Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) to determine what will be best planted underneath the solar panels. They are checking out various ideas and pricing.  He said it could just be grass that will need to be kept mowed or possibly pollinators. 

The project is scheduled to be completed yet this fall.