SYRACUSE — The Plymouth Junior Varsity Tennis Team traveled to Wawasee High School on Saturday, September 17th, to participate in the Wawasee Invitational. Plymouth finished the day with a 4th place finish.
Although they had some tough draws (all three singles positions lost to the eventual champion, two of those in the first round) and lost a few very close matches, the Plymouth Junior Varsity Tennis Team had a solid day at the Wawasee Invitational Saturday. Overall, the Pilgrims finished the day strong, winning four of their five matches in the final round.
Final Individual Records Saturday: James Kruyer #1 singles (2-1), Maclean Miller #2 singles (2-1), Alex Kizer #3 singles (2-1), Aiden Landis/Zak Kresser #2 Doubles (1-2), Trenton Van Duyne/Ryan Gaziola #1 Doubles (2-1), Jacob Payne alternate #3 singles (1-1), Cole Ameling alternate #3 singles (0-1), Brice Hoover/Nick Manzuk alternate #2 doubles (1-0), Nick Manzuk/Reed Selnar alternate #2 doubles (1-0), Brice Hoover/Reed Selnar alternate #2 doubles (1-0).
The Plymouth JV returns to action on Monday 9/19/22 as they travel with the Varsity to Northridge for their final conference match of the year starting at 5:30PM.
Final Scores:
Goshen 30 (Won 2S, 3S, 2D)
Northridge 19 (Won 1S)
NorthWood 18 (Won 1D)
Plymouth 12
Warsaw 8
Concord 4
Wawasee 4
Mishawaka 0
Plymouth Results:

1 Singles:

First Round: Bales (Northridge) beat James Kruyer (Plymouth) 8-4
Backdraw: James Kruyer (Plymouth) beat Andrews (Concord) 8-2
5th Place Match: James Kruyer (Plymouth) beat Ryser (Warsaw) 8-5

2 Singles:

First Round: Maclean Miller (Plymouth) beat Smith (Warsaw) 8-2
Semi-Finals: Alstrom (Goshen) beat Maclean Miller (Plymouth) 8-5
3rd Place Match: Maclean Miller (Plymouth) beat Cripe (Wawasee) 8-1

3 Singles:

First Round: Stickel (Goshen) beat Alex Kizer (Plymouth) 8-1
Backdraw: Alex Kizer (Plymouth) beat Holden (NorthWood, Sub for Wawasee) 8-1
5th place Match: Alex Kizer (Plymouth) beat Craig (Concord) 8-2

1 Doubles:

First Round: Ryan Gadziola/Trenton Van Duyne (Plymouth) beat Hershberger/Macintosh (Concord) 8-0
Semi-Finals: Sheets/Saner (Goshen) beat Ryan Gadziola/Trenton Van Duyne (Plymouth) 9-8 (7-5)
3rd Place Match: Ryan Gadziola/Trenton Van Duyne (Plymouth) beat Love/Hampton (Warsaw) 8-5

2 Doubles:

First Round: Zak Kresser/Aiden Landis (Plymouth) beat Stutzman/Watt (Goshen, Sub for Mishawaka) 9-7
Semi-Finals: Beer/Hammond (NorthWood) beat Zak Kresser/Aiden Landis (Plymouth) 8-6
3rd Place Match: Cole/Yi (Northridge) beat Zak Kresser/Aiden Landis (Plymouth) 8-3