Earlier this month the Plymouth Plan Commission approved the re-plat of the Rock Subdivision at 1707 South Michigan Street. 

Property owner Mike Delp told Plan Commission members he and his wife are selling their home and want to give about three-quarters of an acre to their son Michael who lives further to the east of their home.  They also requested a 50-foot dedicated easement for Michael and Heather to access their home. 

There was only one comment during the public hearing, Albert Houchin, a neighbor of Michael Delp asked if the purchaser could reverse the re-plat and build an additional home on the property.  He was told there are only 2-lots so only 2-homes were possible.  If someone wanted to make a third lot for an additional home it would require Plan Commission approval.

The Plymouth Plan Commission approved the re-plat request with 7-YES votes. 

The second re-plat was by the Muffley family at 106 South Third Street. 

Plan Director Ralph Booker said the Muffleys wanted to replat 5-lots creating 3-lots.  He noted that the buildings won’t meet the city’s current setback requirements, but the 3-lots do meet the city’s size regulation and a home could be built in the future on the lot that doesn’t have a residence on it. 

There were no comments during the public hearing and the Plymouth Plan Commission unanimously approved the Muffley re-plat request