After working on hiring an IT Service provider for more than 6-months, the Plymouth Common Council agreed to a contract with PC Source. 

The city’s insurance provided required they hire a company to handle the cybersecurity for the city. 

During the discussion, councilmembers asked why the new contract of $4,850 a month, was much less than the original agreement of $6.900 a month.  It was stated that the original agreement was full-service, and the new agreement is a lesser level of service, but it focuses on security. When asked if the service meets or exceeds the insurance company’s requirements it handles everything but the remote access with multi-factor identification to email.  City Attorney Sean Surrisi said that work will be a separate work order at the hourly rate.   

Council members were told the cost is based on a per-computer rate with an hourly rate of $110 for additional assistance.

Councilman Duane Culp asked about PC Source’s access to the I-Pads in the patrol units along with the software system of CAD (computer-aided dispatch), IDACS (Indiana Data and Communication System), and the NCIC (National Crime Information Center).  He was told PC Source can work on the hardware, but the police and fire department have separate agreements with providers of the software for issues with the programs. 

The City Council approved the agreement that goes into effect on August 1st