Last week City Attorney Sean Surrisi asked members of the Plymouth Common Council to approve a resolution to allow the transfer of appropriations from the General Fund in the Engineering Department. 

Surrisi said he wanted to take full-time staff pay of $59,384.88 and reallocate those funds from personnel wages and benefit line items into contractual services for the consulting services of VS Engineering.  He went on to say VS is doing the street design work, and stormwater MS4 work that former City Engineer Rick Gaul did.

The council approved the transfer resolution. 

Surrisi also gave a brief update on the Stellar Communities projects for the city.  He said things are moving along at the REES Theatre, they have received authorization from INDOT to issue a notice to proceed to the Troyer Group on the preliminary engineering for the Greenways Trail phase III.  They have received a construction schedule for River Park Square phase II and things should start moving in the coming weeks.

The City Attorney also reminded the City Council of the upcoming redistricting deadline in November.   He said with the most recent census they will have to try and equalize the four council districts by population.  Surrisi said the city’s population went up by 188 people and the changes should be minor.  His suggestion was to work with Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson and Chris Marshall in the GIS office to map the census data and propose changes.  Over the summer months, the council will have the opportunity to review the proposed districts and they will conduct a couple of public hearings to have everything in place and completed in October.