Siri Undlin found herself quarantined in her house in Minneapolis during the pandemic. After coming down with COVID, she began writing songs and working on their arrangements to help free her from the kinds of dark emotions the situation called forth.  Her latest album, Still Life, is about being in the house, and what happened outside the house, in a city that grappled with the events of 2020 and the ensuing anger and grief whirling around her.   During a recent interview with Wild Rose Moon director, George Schricker, Siri remarked, “The album is about survival, and kitchen utensils, broken hearts, and taco trucks.  It’s a letter to the future.  It’s the smell of lilacs in the front yard and water running over pebbles in the stream.  It’s also about hope, and how hope is actually a verb.” 

Recorded in the house itself, the album mixes the talents of some marvelous musicians—all residents in the very same domain.  Featuring bassist, Pat Keen, drummer, Peter Quirsfeld, and accomplished multi-instrumentalist and co-producer, Adelyn Strei, Still Life brings in whimsical woodwinds and the sounds of wind and birds.  It merges musical genres into something atmospheric and soothing—a balm for hurting times.

You can catch the whole band as it brings the spirit of this fine album to the Wild Rose Moon Performing Arts Center, this Saturday, April 23rd,  at 4 pm for the live taping of the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour and at 8 pm for the evening concert.  Tickets are $10 & $15, respectively, and are available at ASK for Flowers and at  Please remember masks are now optional at the Moon.  Feel free to take the safety precautions you deem necessary.