While Facebook has blown up about what has happened at the LifePlex with Dr. Holm and his staff no one is officially talking.  WTCA has sent messages to Doc Holm and tried to contact Saint Joseph Health System with no response. 

Thursday evening Plymouth doctor Joel Schumacher posted a letter on Facebook for his friends to see and share with the community.  The letter follows:

Open letter from our practice to Holm medical clinic patients:

I have known Dr. Holm for 25 years. During that time, we have not worked under the same roof, or for the same organization. However, I have always known Dr. Holm to be an advocate for our community and our community’s health. He has always worked to bring the best care to his patients. In my opinion, the events of the past week that have affected him (and his nurses, staff, and ultimately, the patients) are not what someone deserves after 45+ years of servant leadership to our community.

I have no details to share. I am not accepting new patients nor recruiting his. I am not in the middle of all of the workings of what has happened.

To the patients of Dr. Holm and his nurses – do not panic. Do not bolt and find a new medical office yet.  I suggest you give this situation a week or two, and Dr. Holm will figure out a way to be back to providing outstanding medical care for you once again.

Joel Schumacher, MD

Schumacher Family Medicine