During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters warned that there may be an unexpected impact to this year’s Road Program.

He said the county can anticipate an increase in pricing of 40% to 44% for road materials and an estimated 15% increase in hiring out road projects.  Peters said, “We did go back through and did a lot of refiguring on material costs and what materials we had.”

Superintendent Peters said, “That also does not include the uptick in fuel costs which is almost 100% more.” 

In his report he said the Road Program for 2022 was initially planned at $2,090,810.  The 40% increase will raise it up to almost $2.3 million.  In his highway budget for this year, he has $1,425,000.  The County Council has money in their budget to help with the road plan.

Superintendent Peters said while there is nothing confirmed, there was talk at Road School last week that allocations of emulsions.  He said, “If you had maybe planned to purchase 500,000 gallons, the allocation might be 300,000 gallons.”