Earlier this month members of the Marshall County Drainage Board reviewed the 2022 Drainage Maintenance Assessment Report.  This annual event is used to determine which drains will continue with their assessments and which ones will have non-collection status for this year.  The County Drainage Board can only collect maintenance assessments until the drain has a fund balance equal to 4-times the annual collection. 

County Surveyor Craig Cultice recommended the following drains continue or be placed on non-collection status for 2022.

Logan, Elliott-Stevens, Donnybrook, Eversole, Johnson-Monroe, McKesson, Flory, Richardson, Robbins, Helpman-Hardesty, Fanning, Downey, Elkins, Gjemre, Harmer, Schroeder, Mechling-Brockey, Lemert-Johnson, Redinger, Suseland, Armey, Warstler, Worsham, York and Yellow River. 

The huge majority of county drains will continue to have active assessment collections.  They include the following drains: Anglin, N Berger, L Berger, Bohmer, Brock, Cowen-Lockwood, Dausman, Baker-Sarber, Marburger-Zeiger, Fletcher, Zechiel-Chapman, Heckaman-Jamison, Kuntz, Lemert-Powell, Buck, Milner-Seltenright, McGriff-Hooker, Newcomb-Eisenhour, B Overmyer, Phillips-Horn, Berger-Snyder, W Morris, Geo Seltenright, Stock-Heston, W Bunch, Two B Road, AA Thompson, W Moore, Woodward, Kline, L Wilson, B Ballinger, Casper-Huffine, Deep-Main, Gall-Unsicker, S Hershberger, Leffert, Mentzel, R Martin, Martin-Border, J Mattern, Metheny, Morgan-Ward, Outlet Arm, Pontius Tile, Porter, Snyder-Carothers, Spencer, Stephey, Bowser, Crauder, Knoblock-Bellman, Pfiefer, Fouts, Stillson-Myers, E Seltenright, Woods, Ballinger-Myers, Emmons, Mattingly, Parker, Troup, and the Sarber-Pine Creek.