Bourbon’s Town Clerk, Kim Baker presented a resolution to reduce the 2021 Budget during their town meeting on August 10th.

Baker told the Town Board there are a few appropriations that the town won’t be able to utilize this year and reducing those budgets will help fund those budgets for 2022.   She said the reductions would be $20,000 in the Rainy-Day Fund, $50,000 Cum Cap Development Fund, $25,000 in Local Roads and Streets and $25,000 in the Capital Improvement Fund. 

Town Board member Terry Clemens said, “I like to see reductions in budgets.”  He then motioned to approve the resolution presented and it was seconded by Councilmember Les McFarland.  The Bourbon Town Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution. 

The Bourbon Town Clerk also presented a request to participate in the town’s 50/50 sidewalk program.  The request came from Sheila Ullery in the 900 block of North Main Street.  The clerk said funding was still available in the line item in the budget. 

Ullery’s project is $2,700 and the town’s share would be $1,350.  Baker said the property just to the north also utilized the 50/50 sidewalk program this year and that will take care of a pretty large section of the 900 block of North Main Street.  The Bourbon Clerk said there is about $300 left in that fund