Saturday morning Mayor Mark Senter took official action to name the chapel in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Reading a proclamation to family members of Virgil and James Ousnamer and friends gathered at the chapel, he said, “Jim Ousnamer has dedicated his life to this community and demonstrated in many practical ways his deep and genuine love for the City of Plymouth and especially Plymouth’s Oak Hill Cemetery.” 

Jim Ousnamer worked at Oak Hill Cemetery for 47 years, 9 months and 16 days.  He retired on June 14,2019 and passed away on May 14, 2020.  During his tenure Jim served under six mayors, employed approximately 200 high school students during the summers and 150 part-time adults to take care of the 72-acre cemetery.   

Jim Ousnamer’s father, Virgil was Superintendent of Oak Hill Cemetery for 10 years and worked at the cemetery a total of 45 years. 

Mayor Senter said the chapel, offices and shop were a dream of Virgil’s and was built in 1975 when Jim was head of the cemetery.

Mayor Mark dedicated and named the chapel in Oak Hill Cemetery as the Ousnamer Memorial Chapel in honor of these two hardworking and dedicated men.