PRIDE ID CardA year ago the City Of Plymouth moved forward with a resolution that would allow for local ID cards for residents who are unable to obtain an Indiana ID card.  After much deliberation, the City Council approved the PRIDE (Plymouth Resident Identification Endorsement) Cards.

The identification card won’t replace a state issued driver’s license or ID card.  It will allow residents a way to identify themselves to police, allow residents to show proof when seeking prescriptions, or apply for a library card.  It could also allow parents to enter schools and even volunteer at a school.

Resident began obtaining their PRIDE ID Cards by proving their identity by presenting a photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport or ID card from another country.  They also are required to provide a second form of ID like a birth certificate, EBT card, Social Security card, marriage or divorce certificate or even an income tax return.  The third proof of residency could be a utility bill, letter from a federal or state agency, religious organization or bank statement.

Plymouth High School opened their doors in early February 2020 for citizens to begin the process of obtaining their PRIDE Cards.  School Superintendent Andy Hartly spoke to the council and said COVID has had an impact to the program.  He said the school corporation has changed their policy so parents can use the PRIDE card if they don’t have a state issued ID card.  Hartly said he’s heard from families who are appreciative of it.  He said over 160 cards have been issued.

Common Council member Don Ecker said he was hopeful for a greater number of participants then the 162 who have been issues a card. He asked what the plan is moving forward.

While this number is lower than anticipated, COVID-19 had a negative affect on the program with the school closing their doors to the public and people being nervous of the pandemic.   Hartly said the school corporation is willing to host a few events to enable access to citizens.

The cost of $25 for adults 18 and older and $20 for Plymouth residents under the age of 18 and those over the age of 65.  Cards must be renewed every two years.

Currently residents can go to La Casa De Amestad at 746 South Meade Street in South Bend.

After passing the resolution last year the city council said they would revisit the program to see how it was working.