Tuesday evening, Bourbon Police Chief Bill Martin told members of the Town Board the new vehicle that has been ordered for the department should be delivered by the end of the month.

Town of Bourbon NewsMartin requested that Mitch Scott be approved as an officer to replace retiring Duane Culp. The request was approved 3-0. Martin also asked for two reserve officers to be brought on the payroll as part-time employees. That request was tabled so that information concerning the requirements for training could be established. Martin indicated that the officers have averaged some 100 hours each month to help the town.

Those who find their vehicles impounded by the Bourbon Police will now likely incur a processing fee of $20 in the near future.  A resolution outlining the fees was passed on the first reading to allow for required advertising to the public. The fee would need to be paid to the Clerk/Treasurer’s office so that current insurance and driver’s licenses and plates can be verified. Vehicles are not released on the weekends and must be picked up on weekdays only.

Bourbon Town Attorney Alex Hoover informed the council that the attorney for Karen Holmes is asking for an extension to the 30 days that was granted in January. Holmes owns several properties within the town limits that are in extreme disrepair and have had utilities disconnected. The request was denied, and the council advised Hoover to proceed with the legal process in order to resolve the unsafe issues.

Carol Anders Correspondent