AG_Hill south bendAttorney General Curtis Hill said Wednesday that the nearly 4 million eligible Hoosiers who have not visited and filed a claim for a restitution payment in light of the massive Equifax data breach must do so today. This is the last day eligible Hoosiers may file a claim.

Attorney General Hill launched Oct. 5 following a settlement with Equifax after the credit-reporting bureau suffered a massive data breach. The breach, which occurred from May 2017 to July 2017, compromised the personal information of approximately 147 million Americans, including roughly 3.9 million Indiana residents. Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, driver’s license numbers and credit card information were compromised.

Indiana was one of two states that opted not to participate in a multistate settlement with Equifax in July 2019. Instead, the Office of the Attorney General chose to file its own lawsuit against the company and, ultimately, negotiate its own settlement.

As part of Indiana’s settlement, Equifax agreed to pay the state $19.5 million. Indiana received more money than any of the states that participated in the multistate settlement, which distributed $175 million among those states. Nearly all of Indiana’s settlement was directed toward restitution payments to affected consumers. A portion of the settlement went toward administering the payments.

The launch of kicked off a 73-day campaign to reach the Hoosiers who were impacted in the data breach and ask them to file a claim for a restitution payment. The Office of the Attorney General has used news releases, social media, emails, news media, TV and radio commercials and more methods to reach eligible Hoosiers.

“For more than two months, we have made every effort to reach the nearly 4 million current and former Indiana residents who were harmed by Equifax’s failure to protect personal information,” Attorney General Hill said. “If you haven’t visited and filed a claim for a payment, please do so today. This is your last chance to claim the portion of our settlement to which you are entitled.

If you are not eligible for a payment under the terms of the settlement, it is likely that you have family or friends who are eligible. Please encourage them to visit and file a claim today.

For additional information about the Office of the Attorney General’s settlement with Equifax or about the claims process, please visit Payments to Hoosiers who file successful claims will be distributed later.