City NEwsComcast will be told to remove a cable line recently installed on Dora Lane in Plymouth since they didn’t place the cable in conduit as required by the city.

During Monday evening’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, City Engineer Rick Gaul told the board the project wasn’t completed as the specification given to the city said it would be. He went on to say, “There are two Comcast cables on the west side of the street and they put a new on in on the east side of the street because it was too congested on the other side.”  He explained the reason the city wants the cable in conduit is so they can pull the old one and replace it with the new cable and not fill the right-of-way with utilities that are no longer operational.

Since the cable wasn’t installed to specifications the city engineer asked the board to make a decision to either leave it in as-it-is or have it removed and reinstalled correctly.

Councilman Jeff Houin said we do have a financial guarantee in place in case a project isn’t completed or done correctly.  The financial guarantee is money the city could use to cover their cost to fix it.

Gaul said Comcast told him if the city requires them to install a new line in conduit they will just leave the line recently install in place and add a new one which would make four lines in the ground.

A motion was passed to inform Comcast that before the financial guarantee is released from the city the recently installed line must be removed and installed in the conduit as previously approved by the city engineer.  The motion was unanimously approved.