County BuildingThe Marshall County Council meets Monday morning at 9 a.m. in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.  Entry into the meeting requires a mask and social distancing.

Agenda for the meeting includes reorganization due to the recent resignation of County President Judith Stone.  The Council will also hear from Christ Scandling from the Bremen Public Library who will discuss a library renovation project with bond issue and Sheriff Hassel with a request to waive the probationary pay for an employee.

Also on the agenda is the County Emergency Management Director, Clyde Avery who is requesting to apply for the CARES-Safety Awareness Grant.  Highway Superintendent Jason Peters will be on hand to request a waiver of the probationary pay for an employee and the Council will consider additional appropriation requests and transfers.

President of the Commissioners, Kevin Overmyer will discuss with the council the Special LIT (Local Income Tax) and the council will be asked to approve the establishment of new county funds to track grant money and amend the 2021 Salary Ordinance.