Niles Scream Park logoThe Niles Scream Park, one of Michiana’s most popular autumn attractions, recently completed another successful season at its always changing 44 acre site on Mayflower Road between Niles and Buchanan.

This year, the 47th consecutive year for running the project, the Scream Park raised over $109,000 for more than 60 area children’s organizations, civic groups and other charities. Since 1996, the Scream Park has donated over $2,100,000!!

The project included seven haunted attractions and provided volunteer opportunities both in construction and operation of the Scream Park. Plans are underway for even more frightening additions in the coming year. Over 21,000 hours were volunteered by over 390 different people before and during its 22 nights of operation to prepare and operate the seasonal attraction.

The year also marked a visit from interior visitor number 2,200,000.

The Haunted House was chosen as #1 Halloween Activity in the South Bend Tribune’s Readers Choice Awards for the sixth consecutive year and received a Gold Award for “Best Interactive Experience” for the Best of the Best by Leader Publications.