local News_2Members of the Marshall County Drainage Board opened maintenance bids for three projects.

Work is scheduled on the William Myers Ditch located on both sides of U.S. 31 between 16th Road and 17B Road near Argos.  The project is 8,850 feet long and will include cutting trees, grass and brush along the 75 foot right-of-way and either pilling, burning or burying the material cut.

Bidders for the William Myers Ditch were LDP Excavating at $24,350; Langfeldt Excavating at $11,505 and the low bid came from Beaver Excavating at $8,000.

The second project is on the Ditch in Walnut Township and runs from State Road 10 to 17th Road. This project is 3,650 feet long and includes cutting trees, grass and brush along with removing hooks and aligning the channel.  Waste material will be piled, burned or buried in the 75 foot right-of-way.

The same three companies bid LDP Excavating $6,600; Langfeldt Excavating at $5,610 and Beaver Excavating was low bidder again at $4,500.

The final maintenance project is for the Charles Pfiefer & dreamer Arm Ditch in Walnut Township between Ironwood and Hickory Road west of 18th Road.  The project is 4,730 feet long and required the contractor to remove brush and trees along the ditch bank, remove hooks and align the channel and clean the ditch to the original bottom.  Waste material is to be piled, burned or buried within the 75 foot right-of-way.

Again the same three companies bid the project. Langfeldt Excavating offered a bid of $44,015 and LDP Excavating submitted a bid of $3,950.  Low bidder again was Beaver Excavating at $3,000.

It was noted that all work on all three project must be complete by April 16, 2021.