Mayor Mark in a maskDuring Monday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Mark Senter made a statement on the current COVID-19 situation.

Sean Surrisi in maskThe Mayor said, “I want to urge our citizens to wear masks when in public.  This is mandated by Indiana’s governor in late July.  While some like it and some don’t, it’s not that hard but I would truly appreciate our citizens in Plymouth and Marshall County to wear a mask when you are out in public.”

This week Marshall County moved from yellow status on the state map to orange.  The move was due to an increase in our positivity rate.

The state map has four colors: blue, yellow, orange and red.  The blue color indicates minimal community spread so current activities may continue.

Yellow means there is moderate community spread.  Local officials should be award of the increase community spread and consider additional actions such as: holding regular meetings with key stakeholders, consider restrictions on the size of gatherings, restrict common areas in workplaces and schools should urge face coverings and social distancing for all school extracurricular activities and limit the number of fans allowed to attend.

The color orange indicates a medium to high community spread.  The state health commissioner will work with local health and elected officials to consider additional actions.  Actions may include: limiting all social gatherings to 50 and indoor sporting events limited to 25% capacity, additional monitoring of social distancing, restricting common areas in workplaces and evaluate the sources of positive tests.

The red color means there is a very high positivity rate and community spread.  The state health commissioner may take action to restrict activities in red counties.  The restriction for social gatherings will be 25 in red counties.  Business capacity restrictions may be implemented, elective hospital procedures can be rescheduled and not allowing any fans for K-12 extracurricular activities.

Laura Mann in a mask


Mayor Senter and his staff are masking up at work.

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