The Bourbon Town Council considered a number of items during their November meeting. Patrons were able to access meeting in-person or virtually.

They welcomed new Council member Terry Clemens who replace P.J. Hanley who resigned at the October meeting.

Bourbon Water Tower_1A Public Hearing on the Stellar Wastewater Project was held; however, there were no comments from the public. Grant writer Shannon McCleod reviewed the scope of the project that is estimated to cost $1,083,000 for a total rehab of the east and south lift stations. According to McCleod, $840,000 will be covered by a federal grant and the town’s contribution would be $243,000. The town has anticipated the need at some point to make improvements and has set aside funds over time.

The project details could be confirmed by January or early February, 2021 and the project could be in construction as weather permits. There will be a second public hearing on the project.

Water usage billing for some residents was misread due to how the new meters were installed by the town this summer and resulted in some large bills. According to Bourbon Town Clerk/Treasurer, Kim Berger, the problem was how the decimal point was used. She indicated that some residents had received low bill over a two and one/half month period and the bills were adjusted once the problem was discovered. Berger said those with questions should contact the clerk’s office for information. Responding to a comment on the virtual site, Berger said payment arrangements could be made if necessary.

Carol Anders Correspondent