City News PlymouthMonday evening members of the Plymouth Common Council passed two ordinances, one that will increase the stormwater fee on resident’s monthly bills and the other will add a monthly hydrant fee to city water bills.

Financial Consultant from Baker Tilly, Eric Walsh spoke at the meeting reminding the council of a discussion they had a few months ago that showed the city needed to find a way to reduce expenditures or increase revenues in the General Fund because of the loss of revenue due to the property tax caps.

City utility users will see an increase in the stormwater fee.  Currently on monthly residential utility bills the fee is $2.05.  The ordinance passed will increase that amount to $5.00.

The second ordinance approved will move the annual hydrant fee out of the General Fund and put that expense on water users.  A residential customer will see a new monthly charge of $3.49 for hydrant rental.

Business and industrial users will see the increase, although it is dependent on the size and number of water meters.

The consultant said these two changes will free up about $420,000 in the General Fund.  Those funds will be available to use for other costs.

City council members passed the ordinances on second and third readings.  Utility users will see the new charge for hydrant rental and increase in the stormwater the first of the year.