The Marshall County Unsafe Building Board met Thursday morning in the second floor meeting room of the County Building and reviewed 17 active cases.

One case, the DeJesus property at 11190 Manor Drive south of Plymouth has been an issue for years.  The neighbors have tried to get the city and the county to take some kind of action because of the appearance of the property for years.

11190 Manor Drive_1On Thursday, Mary Jane DeJesus Russell, a daughter and her husband, Gerard appeared before the board and said they had completed the July request of the Unsafe Building Board.  Mary Jane told the board they had hired Langfeldt Excavating who removed the overgrown brush around the home.  They also removed the yard barn that was falling down, its contents and the grills on the property.

Russell was notified that a tree had fallen on the home in the storm that went through our area on Monday, August 10th.  She said they hired someone to remove that tree and three other dead ones.  She is hoping to have a few more dead trees removed next month.

The board was concerned with future maintenance of the property and Ms. Russell said they are looking for a landscaper to provide regular maintenance.  She noted that they will have to plant grass where all the excavating happened and repair some damage to the soffit and fascia on the home.

11190 Manor Drive_2Russell also told the Unsafe Building Board that they may test the waters on selling the property.

With the current actions taken, the county board put the case to bed.