millers senior living logoResidents at Miller’s Assisted Living celebrated NATIONAL LOST SOCK DAY by wearing mis-matched socks to the activity. This special day has been designated as a day once a year to toss out those socks that have no mates. The group discussed where lost socks actually go, where do we look for our lost socks, what things they could use one lone sock for, and exactly how long should a person keep the mate of a lost sock. Residents were also asked to write a poem about LOST SOCKS. Two residents came through and shared their original poems. Mary Probst wrote a poem titled “Where Do Lost Socks Go?” and Shirley Johnson shared “My Favorite Socks.” After all was said and done the residents did decide they would keep their un-mated socks just a while longer JUST IN CASE the lost one did show up!

Where Do Lost Socks Go?
By: Mary Probst
Where do lost socks go?
I’ve Looked High and Low.
In the drawer – Under the bed…
They are just lost,
Like I said!

My Favorite Socks
By: Shirley Johnson
I had a pair of favorite socks.
Washed them, and
Hung them out to dry.
Went out to get them
And they were gone!
I looked all over the ground
And now….
My favorite socks
Are FOUND!!!!