Plymouth_Farmers' Market_old logoPLYMOUTH – Some good news in the current pandemic response is that the opening of the Plymouth Farmer’s Market, traditionally on Mother’s Day weekend, will still take place.

The Market will open on May 9 for their normal hours of 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. but in order to comply with current safe environment restrictions of the COVID-19 response, it will have a temporary location for opening day.
The Market will set up in the parking lot of the Plymouth Baptist Church at the corner of 9A Road and U.S. 31.
“The state and city have restrictions in place for the Park Department and so we will have a temporary location,” said Director of the Farmer’s Market Tom Keb. “When Plymouth City policy allows the market will return River Park Square.”
Also in accordance with CDC guidelines, proper precautions will be observed for the safety of patrons and vendors at the Market.
“We are asking that everyone coming to the market wear a mask,” said Keb. “We can’t make anyone do so but we are hoping people will do so for everybody’s safety.”
Keb also asked that patrons observe the six-foot space of suggested social distancing. Vendors will be wearing masks and rubber gloves. There will be hand sanitizer at each booth and throughout the market.
“We will have most of our normal opening day vendors there as far as I know,” said Keb. “We are really excited about Saturday. It’s a chance for us all to get back to a little normalcy. I mean we can’t congregate and chat like normal but we can at least share some smiles and some waves. I’m really looking forward to it.”