Soltre 12-7-19

People who enjoy Celtic music are in for a treat this Saturday, December 7th, at Wild Rose Moon Performing Arts Center in Historic Downtown Plymouth, as the energetic Irish/American band, Soltre, will perform at two different times – once, on the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour at 11:00 a.m., and a second time, in Concert, at 8 p.m.

The band features Sean Ellsworth-Hoffman (of Goldmine Pickers) on fiddle, guitar, ukulele, and vocals; Eric Fiechtner, bodhran, fiddle, mandolin, and vocals; Adam Carter, mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals; and, Nathan Wadill (Kennedy’s Kitchen), on bass.

In each venue, The Little Moon Theater and The Moon Hall, the band will feature traditional, original, and Celtic tunes.   There is no reserved seating in either venue so come early if you wish to reserve a seat.

Radio Show audiences are urged to arrive ahead of time to learn the theme song with the band and the art of applause with the Moon’s applause expert, Michele Schricker.

Both of these events are family-friendly and should be a great deal of fun for all ages interested in live music and theater.

Seating is limited and tickets are available at A.S.K. for Flowers, and for a small handling fee,  Tickets for the Radio Show are $5, and for the concert, $15 advance/$20 at door.