Plymouth Color Logo2014Change order number one for the 2019 Street and Sidewalk program using Community Crossings funds was approved Monday evening by the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety.

City Engineer Rick Gaul said one of the projects had an overrun of $1,267.62 for which the city will be responsible for.  He commented that the city will have to pay addition funds beyond the overrun because some of the projects had under-runs and the city will have to return those funds back to the state.

Currently they are breaking down the invoices and finalizing the final quantities for each of the projects.  The board of works approved the change order.

Gaul said that at a recently Community Crossings meeting several changes were presented.  One of the changes will allow the city to put all the projects under one contract so if there are under-runs and overruns they could balance each other out instead of the city having to refund money or pay for overages.

Gaul also presented of copy of the 2018 Pavement Asset Management Plan to board of public works member.  He told them the 2019 plan was initially to be submitted at the end of the year but the deadline has been moved up to December 1st.  Gaul said the plan is exactly the same, only that date was changed.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the Pavement Asset Management Plan with the only change being the date.