WTCA 2019 Logo 3.25x4.25We understand that comments have been made recently on social media concerning political candidates and their ability to share their platform during the What’s Your Opinion Show. Our talk radio show has always been an open platform for local candidates to come in and talk about their campaign.

Like all our show guests, political candidates are scheduled in advance and we welcome their participation in our program. We afford equal opportunities to all candidates and do not discriminate against any candidate. Indeed, our talk show gives ample opportunities for all candidates to come in and voice their opinions in the months leading up to the election.

It has been the long-standing policy of WTCA to exclude candidates from campaigning during our talk show the day of the election and the day prior to the election.We stick by our decision not to give candidates airtime on those days. This policy has been in place for decades and we have no plans to change.