rees-logo-optionsWhile the REES Theatre has already changed their name to THE REES, they are now looking to the community to help select a new logo for the downtown landmark.

Randy Danielson said the theatre never really had a brand.  In the new logos being considered an “R” is front-and-center as it looked in photos from opening night and the valance that was above the show curtain.   Danielson said the “R” is the focus of the new logo that will represent this renewed venue going forward.

The committee has narrowed down the decision making process to two logos.

You can vote for your favorite REES logo on the WTCA website.  On the front page at scroll down slightly and then vote using your email address.

The renovation committee is excited to see the renovation project of the theatre moving forward with phase III currently underway.

Two Saturday’s this month volunteers have been working hard to demolish walls in the basement of the building and carrying out debris and bricks in 5-gallon buckets.  Volunteers 16 and older will be working again this Saturday and the more the merrier as it lightens the load for everyone.  If you would like to volunteer message the REES Theatre’s facebook page or call 574-286-2391.