AncillaCollege_Promise 2019_1For the fourth year, Marshall County Kindergarten and 1st grade students participated in the Marshall County Promise event “Walk into My Future” at Ancilla College. The program exposes students to college with the goal of parents starting to save for their child’s college education at an earlier age. This year, over 1,300 students from 7 schools around Marshall County trouped around the college exploring “college classes” and experiences.

In accordance with Ancilla College’s recent focus on sustainability, an additional station was created, showcasing the college’s electric vehicle and a solar panel demonstrating the new solar field that supplies most of the college’s electricity. The standard curriculum of math, writing and science classes were also represented; as well as the ever popular agriculture station featuring Ancilla’s Boer goats. Each class was also provided a copy of a book about Monarch butterflies and the efforts to help them survive.

AncillaCollege_Promise 2019_2Ancilla College students worked throughout the two-day event, leading groups, teaching the stations and assisting with traffic control. “We really could not do this event without our students participating”, said Emily Hutsell, Development & Alumni Relations for Ancilla College. “It is a fairly large undertaking, the first week we had over 800 1st grade and Kindergarten students on campus in just 5 hours. Not just sitting in one classroom, but moving from place to place in 90 minute segments. It is a feat of organized chaos. Our students made this happen.”

While the event is fun, the purpose is really to give kids a chance to think into the future. “Marshall County Promise celebrates the dreams of all youth by integrating a visit to Ancilla College. This experience allows each of our young learners an interactive campus experience that can help them visualize college,” said Kelsey Flynn, Marshall County Promise Co-Director. “Marshall County Promise appreciates and is thankful for the partnership that our community has with Ancilla College.”