ViaductIn 2008 The City of Plymouth completed a study of the South Gateway to downtown Plymouth.    This resulted in a transportation enhancement grant that purchased and demolished the old Dimmit Building and built the walkway along the south bank of the Yellow River.  The study also set the stage for the Rivergate South Apartments currently under construction.  Included in the study, was the restoration of the Railroad Viaduct, but there was not enough grant money received to accomplish the railroad project.

Now it’s 11 years later and despite outreach to the railroad the viaduct continues to deteriorate and remains unattractive.   Plymouth and partners have, or are about to, invest over 20 million dollars in downtown revitalization efforts and the viaduct is an unsightly entrance to the historic downtown.

So, beginning in November 2018 Brent Martin, local architect, and Paul Schoberg, professional painter, began thinking of making the painting of the bridge a community project.    Along with Mayor Senter, City Attorney Surrisi, Jim Marquardt, Allie Shook, Jeff Houin, Josh Walker, Dawn Smith, Don Wendel, Kurt Garner, and Mike Delp, they are formulating a plan to paint the railroad viaduct.

Viaduct_1The project will consist of preparing, priming and painting the steel girders spanning Michigan Street and the abutment in the center of Michigan Street. Clean-up of the sidewalks and curb lines under the viaduct will be done.  The steel framing between the girders and the east and west abutments are not part of the project.

The point is to make the southern entrance to downtown more attractive and inviting.  Of course, it is the railroad’s responsibility to maintain their infrastructure, but at some point, a city must step up and just get things done. Poorly maintained infrastructure reflects poorly on the community as a whole.

Viaduct_2The plan is to complete the work over two weekends.   June 29th and 30th and July 6th and 7th are the target dates.  Subsequent weekends are the rain dates.  The project team is requesting volunteers on those dates, particularly volunteers who do not mind working from a lift 13 to 14 feet off the ground.  The sign-up form link is listed below.   Please consider donating a bit of your time, talent, or money to this project.


South Gateway Viaduct Bridge Repainting Project Volunteer Signup Form
The dates for this volunteer community project are June 29th, June 30th, July 6th, and July 7th


The cost of this project is Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00).  Sherwin Williams has graciously given the project a 66% discount on paints and supplies.  These funds to be spent on the balance of supplies, insurance coverage, and similar expenses.  The Marshall County Community Foundation is accepting donations for this project.   Donations of any size may be to:


Marshall County Community Foundation

2680 Miller Drive   Suite 120

Plymouth, IN  46563

(write “Viaduct Project” in the memo line)







We have already received offers of equipment and services from:   Schoberg & Schoberg, Rivergate South Apartments, US Granules, Bowen Printing, and Eisenhour Home Improvements.   Several companies are going to provide food and drinks.    Bowen Printing has agreed to let us use their building for restroom facilities and storage.  The application to the railroad has been submitted.


A request will be made to the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety to close the north bound lanes of Michigan Street one weekend and the south bound lanes the next weekend.  That request will be heard on Wednesday May 29th.


Any questions regarding the project may be sent to Brent Martin at:  Be a part of a great community improvement project!