Reestheatre_1More than a dozen people stood up at Tuesday evenings Redevelopment Commission meeting to show their support for adding the Rees Theatre project to the list of projects for TIF District #1.

The Rees Theatre project was awarded a Regional Cities grant of $300,000 or 20% for the streetscape and sidewalk improvements along with the south side exterior wall.  To receive the grant a public municipality must pledge 20% and philanthropic funds must be 60%.

A few months ago the Rees Theatre Committee approached the Redevelopment Commission seeking $575,000 to meet the public match for the grant.  To add the project to the TIF list the Plymouth Plan Commission and City Council had to review the project and make sure it fit within the comprehensive plan.  Both approved the project so the Redevelopment Commission conducted a public hearing Tuesday evening.

Randy Danielson, co-chair of the committee explained in detail the project and then asked those in the audience in support of the project to stand and give their name.  More than a dozen people voiced their support for adding the Rees Project.  The total project is estimated to be $2.68 million.

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission unanimously approved the confirming resolution amending the project list for TIF District # 1.   It was estimated the $575,000 would be needed in 2019 so construction can begin.  The hope is the project will be completed in February of 2020 the 80th anniversary of the Rees Theatre.