FEMA_logo2015During the Emergency meeting of the Marshall County Council on Monday morning, the county’s Emergency Management Agency Director, Clyde Avery was on hand to give an update on FEMA.

Avery said, he worked with FEMA team last Thursday and Friday finishing up the individual assessments.  Over the weekend he was notified that the Public Infrastructure Damage Assessment team will be in Marshall County later this week to look at flood damages to streets, roads, bridges, sidewalks, and public areas.

Council president, Judy Stone asked if there was a time-frame for determination if the flood would qualify for assistance.

Avery said, “There’s no time table, they will provide that information to the Governor and he will have to make that request to FEMA through the President.”

Avery did say that reimbursement from FMEA would be only a maximum of 75% of damage costs.