Flood RecoveryThe Flood Response Management Team is transitioning support for flood survivors to Long Term Recovery Operations (LTRO), a committee of local volunteers that will assist survivors through

the flood recovery phase. The first objective of LTRO is to gather current unmet needs of survivors. Members of LTRO will be calling on those who reported damage throughout the last four weeks to reassess their current needs – everything from clothing, to structural repairs. Survivors are encouraged to answer the phone, or return messages from Long Term Recovery Operations as quickly as possible. Survivors will not be asked to provide sensitive information such as social security or driver’s license numbers.

Long Term Recovery Operations is excited to announce the successful training of 15 volunteer Disaster Case Managers (DCM) last week! As unmet needs are collected, survivors will be assigned a DCM to help them through the recovery process, providing a single point of contact for each survivor. The DCM will liaise with members of the LTRO to identify and connect available support and resources.


Use of the Flood Resource Center has declined sharply in the past week, so it will no longer be staffed or open to the public. The space will remain available to Disaster Case Managers for resources and meeting with survivors. Survivors needing assistance should contact the LTRO at 574-316-0170, or reach out to their DCM once assigned.