Riverside Intermediate School held a spirit assembly on Friday, March 16 ​to celebrate the success of the third quarter. Several awards were presented to various students.

Teachers Credit Union partners with Riverside to sponsor Perfect Attendance awards as well as a ​reading program called Achieve 3000.

Riverside_ Achieve3000_3-16-18Teachers Credit Union representative Beth Styers was on hand to present two Kindles to sixth grade ​Alan Pedro Sosa and ​fifth grade Carsyn Hooley. There is an expectation to read and answer questions each week at Riverside.Students who complete are provided a ticket for the​ drawing.  Students and staff who are present and on time are entered into a drawing at the end of the nine weeks. Styers also presented gift certificates for those ​who were drawn.
Riverside_Perfect Attendance3-16-18​Photo 1: (Left to R​ight)​ Mr. Josh ​Overmyer (staff member), sixth grade ​Cassidy Beadin, sixth grade ​Emma Jackson, fifth grade Ryder Hansen, and ​Beth Styers, (TCU)​ Not pictured: ​Sixth grade Logan Williams

Photo 2: ​(Left to R​ight)​ Alan Pedro Sosa, Beth Styers (TCU), and Carsyn Hooley