Randy Head-2012This session, State Senator Randy Head authored and sponsored a number of bills to address issues facing our community and the state of Indiana.

Today he highlighted some of his legislation that passed the Senate and House of Representatives.

  • Senate Enrolled Act 224 will make it easier for counselors to begin work in Indiana by lowering the number of clinical hours needed to receive a license to 700, rather than 1,000. It also allows 50 percent of the supervised hours to be done virtually.
  • Senate Enrolled Act 225 increases opioid training by requiring a licensed practitioner to complete two hours of continued opioid prescribing and opioid abuse education during the previous two years when he or she applies for registration
    or re-registration.
  • Senate Enrolled Act 230 requires emergency medical technicians to complete a research-based training program on suicide assessment, treatment and management and teachers and other school employees to complete at least two hours of a research-based youth suicide awareness and prevention training.
  • House Enrolled Act 1007 allows the Division of Mental Health and Addiction to approve nine additional opioid treatment programs, which will be operated by hospitals. By adding these programs, all Hoosiers will be within a one-hour drive from a treatment program. The bill also urges the Legislative Council to assign an interim study committee to study the impact the opioid treatment programs have on the communities in the area.
  • House Enrolled Act 1270 requires the Indiana Commission on Improving the Status of Children to examine what authority a law enforcement officer has to take custody of or detain a child if the officer believes the child is a human trafficking victim and in need of services.


Senator Head said, “All of these bills will now head to Governor Eric Holcomb for his consideration.”