The artistic talent in our young people is something to experience! Students, grades K-12 from Plymouth CommunitySchool Corporation and K-8 from Saint Michael Catholic School and K-12 Grace Baptist Christian School have their creative artwork on display until March 23. This Student Art Show will be on display at Heartland Artists Gallery and this will be the 17th year Heartland has hosted Youth Art Month. This show aligns with the annual National Youth Art Month and administered through The Council for Art Education.

Heartland would like to acknowledge and applaud all the passionate teachers within the schools represented. Plymouth

Community School Corporation is keeping the Arts within the S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) curriculum. The art program at Saint Michael Catholic School K-8th grade has a traditional class once a week in addition to also integrating art in the S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math). The arts at Grace Baptist Christian School K-12 are done by all of their teachers through specific art projects chosen throughout the curriculum. These passionate and creative teachers are excelling in encouraging the creative process and instilling confidence in their art students.

Some quotes from teachers: Megan Wiesenberg shares a quote from Henri Matisse, “Creating takes courage”. She continues with “Seeing the courage and creativity in my students is one of the very best things to witness”.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream” by Vincent Van Gogh was shared by Jeff Hunter of Riverside Elementary.

He continues to say, “Art gives kids a chance to dream without being right or wrong”.

Haley Church from Plymouth High School, “We have had a fun year in the Art Dept. We have a great variety with all the pieces shown. It is fun to see what our students choose to express through their art. Come and see the show”!

Faith Hansen at Plymouth High School, “It’s rewarding teaching classes at all grade levels and abilities. We have talent throughout and our upper classmen are showing continued growth in the arts”.

The poster for the Student Art Show was designed by Plymouth High School students: Bailey Bourdon created the art work and the layout was done by Bianca Jimenez. The Gallery would like to applaud and thank the students for their design, talent and time in representing the Gallery and the Student Art Show during Youth Art Month.

The March Show will also have the Gallery members’ works in oil, acrylic, pencil, ink, photography, pottery, pastels, enameling, watercolor, sculptures, mixed media and more. We believe you will agree the local talent is exceptional. You can support local artists, young and old through your visits, enthusiasm and purchases of members’ art.

The Youth Art Month Program emphasizes the value of art education for all children, encourages support for quality school art programs, and promotes art material safety. Started through the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) and in cooperation with the National Art Education Association (NAEA), Youth Art Month exists to: – Recognize art education as a viable factor in the total education curricula that develops citizens of a global society. – Recognize art is a necessity for the full development of better quality of life for all. – Direct attention to the value of art education for divergent and critical thinking. – Expand art programs in schools and stimulate new art programs. – Encourage commitment to the arts by students, community organizations, and individuals everywhere. – Increase community

understanding and interest in art and art education through involvement in art exhibits, workshops, and other creative

ventures, etc.