Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth Schools will likely have to add a day to the end of the school year after being forced to close for several days due to flooding conditions. Superintendent Andy Hartley said, “This is the first time I can recall that Plymouth schools has needed to invoke a make up day the end of the school year since we began implementing eLearning Days.”

A few years ago, the state approved schools using eLearning or technology through computers or iPads to complete assignments out of the regular school days. The eLearning days can be used to satisfy the required 180 days of instruction set at the state level.

Hartley said, “Not having more than three consecutive eLearning Days was recommended by the IDOE(Indiana Department of Education) based on feedback they received from districts who piloted the concept.” He added, “Based on that recommendation, Plymouth Community School Corporation has incorporated the recommendation into our eLearning procedures from the beginning.”

On Tuesday Hartley said, “We have already had more than three total this year, and now that we have returned to school today we could have more yet this year if we need to close school for any reason. Since Monday was not an eLearning Day, we are going to have to make it up at the end of the year.”

Hartley indicated that the PCSC is looking into waiver options that could be approved by the state to meet the state requirements.


Correspondent Carol Anders